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Read all the interesting and wonderful comments that supporters have written about our campaign to preserve live music venues in London and throughout the UK! We cannot thank you all enough for the support! #SaveTheGeorgeTavern

“This place has something property developers can never deliver – history, creativity and community. It’s full of character (and characters!) and gives opportunities to many artists of all guises to present their music & art in a friendly atmosphere. It’s also my local – so it has to stay!”

“The George is an essential part of life in this part of London, as a pub, as a venue, as a building. I play there monthly, and it would be devastating to lose it!”

“As a musician who’s played this venue more than once, and others that have already closed down, we need venues like the George keep live music alive for obvious reasons. The stepping stones for bands like us are not only pivotal but life changing.” 

“This is a historic local building of exceptional social, political, cultural and architectural importance to East London. As an academic of international standing, I can say this with knowledge and truth.”

“We need to protect our wonderful city from becoming a high rise soulless nightmare.”

“Because music is art, and art is culture. We can’t let society do whatever they want and smash us like ants. Music is a way of expression. Not to forget how many venues they are shutting up. It’s not fair, and we won’t shut up!”

“The George is more just than a music venue, it’s a cultural institution.”

“Because its like a 2nd home.. Undiscovered and great bands play there.. Huge beer garden! Dimed light..scented candles and Historical venue!!”

“I’m hoping that there will be some live music venues left! London, “City of bland expensive apartments”? No thanks!”

“This is a massively important venue and this case will set a precedent and play a huge part in determining the future of music venues across the country.”

“Being given ‘a second chance’ just shows how important this place is and the retention of our fragile and threatened social heritage. I’ve put my name to every petition and action of support for this place (and many other similar venues of cultural significance, not just in London). I stand strong with thousands of people that have blatantly had enough of greedy developers that simply fail to understand the damage they are doing.”

“There’s more to a city than fancy flats, generic stores and chains of coffee shops. It is places like the George with a history that help make London an the UK and interesting and vibrant place.”

“Because music is an important outlet for people. We should be encouraging art, not depriving people the opportunity to showcase it.”

“I am horrified at the idea of yet another music venue being diminished. Pubs like this help young artists get started, provide London and the East End with the character that has attracted regeneration in recent decades. It makes no absolutely no sense to remove the very reason people enjoy the East End piece by piece.”

“We need live music venues! Especially Grassroots ones. Where do you think bands start getting big? It starts here, not Radio 1!”

“Music venues and pubs are important to me. Over priced housing projects for over seas investors are not.”


“Venues like the George provide unique centres of local & cultural activities as well as keeping the architectural & historical character of the area alive by keeping a beautiful old building a living part of the community.”

“This XVII Century building must be cared and conserved for the entire good of the British historical heritage.”

“Come on, this is an existing entertainment venue, you can’t possibly think it makes sense to put flats next door”

“The GT took good care of our band last weekend. Proud to support the petition.”

“Important Arts and community venues such as this must not be sacrificed to give way to housing.”

 “This is a historic local building of exceptional social, political, cultural and architectural importance to East London. As an academic of international standing, I can say this with knowledge and truth.”

“Too many iconic music venues are disappearing. The city thrives on a lively and varied Arts scene and places where people can perform and enjoy performances nurture one of our most lucrative and prestigious exports, the work of our musicians writers and artists.”

“London’s East End has a long standing history of invention and inventiveness in music, the arts, literature, culture and theatre. Being an old port of entry for great immigration blending cultures and inspiring generations, places like The George Tavern are spaces where these influences come together and celebrate London life. The city is already in peril from developers intent on putting up boring mediocre buildings out of reach financially from real people and this is just getting worse. Save the George Tavern, come on!”

“It’s such a great place for live music. A real gem for the East End. Places like this should be preserved at all costs.”

“The very last thing London needs, especially in shadwell, are “luxury” flats. Affordable housing? Yes. Culture? Yes.”

“Live music needs to be saved. End of. Build ‘luxury flats’ elsewhere, this is just ridiculous.”

“This public house can trace its roots back nearly 600 years and was shortlisted for a national restoration award last year. It would be criminal to jeopardise its existence by building luxury flats next door, thus depriving them of their music nights and a good proportion of their income. We hold a family friendly singalong at the George Tavern every month, just one of the wide range of community events in their programme. A neighbourhood without community is not socially nor economically productive. Save The George.”

“I’m signing because, I have been going to that pub since I was in college and it Is a institution. I also have a house down the road near the hospital. The last thing that we need on that road is another fucking block of flats.”

 “This place have a spirit which is essential for the area, not only for the historical place, but for its astonishing live set, always accessible.”

 “I’m proud to call this pub my local. In an era where privateering housing developers are squeezing the life out of London, the George, steeped in history and culture both classic and contemporary, is a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak future for our City. Unite, and save a part of history. And pop in for a pint.”

“It’s my favourite music venue/ pub in London. Iconic place that showcases the cities character and creativity.”

“Complaints from people in these flats (if built) would close the George. It happened with the Wapping Project where selfish people who had bought flats in the full knowledge that there was a bar and restaurant next door (which had been there long before the flats) still complained so hard that they got the place closed. Until our planning law is improved the only way to avoid such appaling injustice is to refuse planning permission to schemes such as these ill conceived and totally inappropriate flats.”

 “Music Venues in London are slowly being killed off. As the capital city, it needs to support things that aren’t just luxury accommodation and corporations. What about tourism, what about arts and culture. What about the classic rock n roll vibe London used to have?”

 “The George is a gorgeous East London heritage venue and a business that needs to be able to survive based on its licensing conditions, including live music. Say No to new residential projects surrounding entertainment venues being able to influence existing licensing!!”

“I’ve never had a bad show at The George Tavern. We cannot lose another one of Londons finest music venues. Support not just live music but also the places that give us all the opportunity to do what we love!”

“It’s iconic, important, historical, and what’s the point of buildings being listed if they are still going to be at risk?!”

 “Too many live music venues have already closed down because people have moved next door to existing venues only to immediately complain about the noise and try to get the place closed. In addition, the George is a lovely old building, a part of London’s heritage, and it should be saved at all costs.”

“I’m signing because The George was my first ever DJ gig and I used to host Amnesty International fundraisers there. It’s a great pub, possesses real community spirit and has a very important historical place in the area. Save The George!”

 “The George is a vital part of the independent music scene in London.”

“The music industry is very important to this country and it will suffer unless live music venues are protected. What is the point of having somewhere to live if there is no culture to feed the soul. we need bread and roses!”

“Without venues like this we have no community.”

“This is a ridiuclous planning proposal which will force the george to close and it was there first, as well as being amazing, and this is endemic of problems facing live music venues across london”

 “Are you f-ing kidding me? do you fools want London to become a hollow shell of empty “luxury” flats with no actual culture or people?”

 “london needs places like this. life is about music, people, small places to enjoy, not masses and masses of carbon copy flats that fill our towns with lots of sad people with nothing to do except sit in them watching a screen.”

 “Live music is life.”

 “The George is a brilliant cultural centre for the community and Pauline Forster is a LEGEND”

 “The George is the most fun pub in London! Let’s fight to keep it alive!”

  “The George is an institution. There’s no other place like it for indie music in London – or probably even the world!”

 “This is a beautiful building. It is important that we keep of our old town alive. There has been so much senseless demolition in London. this building is built with London bricks, the venue is valuable for our community. If it ‘aint broke dont fix it!’ The street it stands on has been ruined by knocking down building after building. STOP!”

 “The importance is to build upon extincting culture in East London to maintain and grow culture and community in London especially in a place of great heritage. What is ‘development’ of commercial property if places of culture and community are destroyed in name of it?”

 “All music venues and old treasured community pubs should be preserved for the benefit of the community and not be alienated by greed of totally unsympathetic high rise residential developments built on top or around them. RESPECT existing architectural heritage. It’s the real thing!”

 “I’m signing because I don’t feel it’s right to let a place where people have been meeting and sharing music for decades, disappear in favour of yet another luxury development.”

 “Ya gotta keep this scene alive! Music is a universal language which help form communities and friendships. It’s something always there and it’s nice to know there’s always a place with good vibes for a few hours.”

 “It is important that musicians should be able to develop their skills in places like the George Tavern.”

It is a gem in the heart of East London that must be protected against possible future closure due to property development in the area. The money from the development will leave the area and in return our community will lose a cultural pillar.

 “The George is a focal point of liveliness and culture in an area that risks over he next decade becoming scrubbed up suburbia, silent at night. The east end has music and conviviality – this defines its character, and ultimately makes and area better loved. Commercial Road needs it, Stepney/Shadwell needs it, and as a nationally listed building a use that keeps it well-loved and vital is a benefit to the country; heritage is more than bricks and mortar.”

“I am signing this petition, because the George Tavern is a splendid pub and music venue with fantastic historic features and a long history of ‘service’.”

“The historic tiled walls and other period features are unique and rare and it would be a great loss culturally if the pub was to be closed. Musically it is equally unique, giving up and coming young musicians from a diverse background a chance to perform and develop. Apart from that, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to hear live music on an affordable scale and in such inspiring surroundings. The buildings of luxury flats could endanger the existing pub and it is therefore vital that planning authorities should not be allowed new developments, if it threatens established licensed premises- especially when they are listed buildings with a long history such as the George Tevern”

 “I’m hoping that there will be some live music venues left! London, “City of bland expensive apartments”? No thanks!”

 “I am signing this petition because the traditional heart is being ripped out of london communities for redevelopment.”

“Because I love the George! It’s been a crucial part of the live music scene in London”

“Small venues are the future of our music, not X-Factor or the Voice. These venues should be supported in every way to nurture our UK talent.”

Article from a German blog: http://schreiborte.info/?p=116 Along with The George being used in an exhibition!: http://schreiborte.info/?p=94


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